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Unless a school’s football team has made it to the championship or they are hosting a homecoming game, it can seem difficult to foster a collective school spirit many times. While it may seem like you have a student body of uninterested teenagers, there are some methods you can put in place to cultivate a school spirit that lasts throughout the entirety of the year.

Try a few of the suggestions below!

Themed Spirit Weeks

While you can’t expect every student to get involved in this, the student body, faculty and staff will likely enjoy having a chance to show their creativity and style themselves to match a theme. Themed spirit weeks give students something fun to look forward to, especially if there are contests involved. Some popular themes include 70s disco, school spirit, twin day, pajama day and movie character day. This can be a great way to lead up to a pep rally or big event, or simply just to garner more student involvement.

Celebrate the School’s Birthday

Although your students might not show much interest in the school’s origins, you can foster some excitement by celebrating the school’s birthday. This can allow you to throw a pep rally, provide dessert for your students, and even invite alumni to return and reflect on the impact the school had on them. Perhaps for the week of the school’s birthday, you can have raffle prizes going on daily. This is a great way to emphasize community involvement and celebrate with your students who wouldn’t otherwise have known about the anniversary.

Embrace Your Mascot

Your school’s mascot may commonly be found at sporting events, but how involved is it with your school on a weekly basis outside of sports? If not even your mascot has much school spirit, it might be difficult to cultivate it within the student body. Of course, schools are run by schedules, and they must have a focused student body, but what if your school were to embrace this fun expression of school spirit more often? One of your staff members, or even the head of the school, could dress up as the mascot and pop into randomly chosen classrooms a few times each month and hand out school shirts or snacks. This can add an element of surprise to your students’ weeks, encouraging them to embrace this school spirit as well.