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About Arthur Pixler

Arthur Pixler is now a retired educator with decades of experience underneath his belt. In his town of Fenton, Iowa, he has built a respected presence for himself and has invested in the lives of numerous students. The evolution of his career journeyed Arthur through various levels of the academic world, simultaneously giving him plenty of opportunities to interact with students and sow into their lives. 1976 marks the year that Arthur officially began his career as a teacher. For ten years, he taught various social studies and science courses to students in grades 6-12 before stepping into the role of principal.

This newer level of responsibility allowed Arthur to increase parental involvement and create a new middle school. Shortly after entering this role, he stepped into a special education coordinator position while also serving as the middle school principal to a new district. Arthur Pixler was again able to increase parental involvement and implement various other strategies that came to pass. This role again entertained him for another ten years until he stepped into the role of superintendent and elementary principal in a school district two hours north. 

Catering to a younger age group yet bearing additional responsibilities, Arthur Pixler was able to find much fulfillment in this role and learn even more about the educational system. He contributed to the negotiations done with neighboring districts, oversaw financial transactions, had a say in most hiring decisions, made cost-saving recommendations, acted as the homeless liaison for the district, helped establish an anti-bullying initiative, drafted a coaching handbook and much more. Through his time of service in this district, he partnered with various community organizations to better the lives of the community members and the students and teachers of the district. His long list of accomplishments is only a sliver of the impact he had on the community.

During his tenure, Arthur Pixler was proud to see Sentral Senior High School recognized by U.S. News and World Report as one of America’s best high schools in both 2007 and 2008. Although he’s been retired for over five years now, Arthur still regards this as one of his most proud accomplishments. 

In conjunction with his career, Arthur attended and pursued various professional development activities in order to better himself as a leader and provide the best possible framework for leading his school district through change. As for his own education, learning has always been one of his strong suits. Prior to the start of his career, Arthur Pixler attended and graduated from Wayne State College with his Bachelor of Education degree. A decade later, he returned to Drake University, earning his Master of Science in Education with a 4.0-grade point average. In 1999, he returned to a formal education once more to receive his Advanced Studies Certificate in Superintendency from the University of Northern Iowa.

Nowadays, Arthur keeps busy by occasionally substitute teaching, visiting his grandchildren, traveling and volunteering for community organizations. He still remains on the Board of Directors for the North Union Community School District and on the Board of Directors for the Fenton Cooperative Telephone Company.

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